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Frequently Asked Questions

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 1.  Where did you get your Cavaliers?


 2.  Do you have a kennel or are your Cavaliers raised in your home?


 3.  What steps do you take to ensure the health of your Cavaliers?


 4.  What does your health guarantee cover?


 5.  Do you microchip your Cavaliers?


 6.  Do you provide a suggested vaccination schedule?


 7.  What food and/or supplements do you recommend?


 8.  At what age do you let your puppies go to their new homes?


 9.  How much are your puppies?


10. May I come to your home and view the puppies?


11. How do I reserve a puppy?


12. What forms of payment do you accept?


13. What do the shipping costs cover?


14. What proof will I have that I sent you money toward the purchase of a Cavalier?


15. Do you provide a written contract for the puppy purchaser?


16. Are you licensed by the USDA and/or your state?






1.  Where did you get your Cavaliers?    Back to top.


Within their 3 generation pedigree, their ancesters were acquired from a variety of countries.  Some are imported from Hungarian, French, and Cesky lines, and some are bred in the U.S. from imported U.K. and Irish parents.  Also, we have good 'ole American lines.  Why so diverse?  Generally speaking, a hybrid is quite healthy and strong, so we are applying this principal to our Cavaliers.  We are not trying to produce hybrids as far as the Cavalier breed goes, but rather, by breeding one completely different, unrelated  line to another, lines that originated from several different countries, we are in a sense creating a hybrid line of purebred Cavaliers; lines that would normally have never been brought together. We would like to add that we are importing only Cavaliers that come from proven, successful breeders.


 2.  Do you have a kennel or are your Cavaliers raised in your home?    Back to top.


Even though some people think we're totally insane, <S> our fur kids do their eating, sleeping, playing, and everything in between, in the homes of our 3 family breeders.  We also have dog doors for easy access to our fenced back yard.  Our puppies are all born in the master bedroom 'cuz they're worth it. <S>  At about one month of age we move them to the main living area.  Here they get held numerous times a day by numerous people - 2 Senior adults, 4 young adults (2 of which have mild handicaps), and a teenager.  Also, occasionally young grandchildren/nieces/nephews will visit!  The pups come pre-conditioned to noise and expect lots of attention, lol.


3.  What steps do you take to ensure the health of your Cavaliers?    Back to top.


We feed only all-natural foods, species appropriate raw food, and use food based vitamins, macro and trace minerals, and probiotics on a daily basis.  We use homeopathic remedies whenever possible.  We do all this in order to protect and support our Cavaliers' immune system.  Additionally, our Cavaliers get regular OFA check-ups (patella, heart, eyes, hips, DECC, & EFS) specifically to screen for some of the more common maladies that affect Cavaliers.  We take care of our Cavaliers as well as we care for our own children.


4.  What does your health guarantee cover?    Back to top. 


Our puppies go to their new homes with a freshly acquired health certificate.  Our health guarantee is covered in our contract.  You may view our contract by clicking here.  


In addition to a 72 hour guarantee against contagious diseases, with the exception of parasites that were undetected at the time of health certification, our contract states:


"If within one (1) year from the date of acquisition, a puppy is found and certified by a licensed veterinary specialist to have a life threatening hereditary disorder, and if Seller is notified within two (2) business days of the veterinarian’s determination, Seller will replace the puppy with one of equivalent value when the next litter is available.  Complete health records, diagnostic tests, and their results must be provided to Seller in order to qualify for a replacement. "


"In the event of the death of the puppy within five (5) years from its birth due to Syringomyelia (SM) or Mitral Valve Disease (MVD),  the seller shall replace the puppy with another of equivalent value when the next litter is available." 


Why a strict 72 hour guarantee against contagious illnesses?  Because Parvo virus  and other illnesses can be contracted and incubated in as little as 3 days.


5.  Do you microchip your Cavaliers?    Back to top.


Yes!  We use mini-microchips - extra small chips for greater comfort.


6.  Do you provide a suggested vaccination schedule?    Back to top.


First, we want to say that we highly, totally recommend titer testing opposed to repeat vaccinations! Please see:  We are not affiliated with them in any way.


We use a modified schedule that is in line Dr, Jean Dodds' recommeded schedule.  The only difference is that we use a straight parvo vaccine at 6 weeks of age.  (See also, Vaccinations - Quitting)  Below are Dr. Jean Dodds' recommendations:


Dr Jean Dodds: "This schedule is the one I recommend and should NOT be interpreted to mean that other protocols recommended by a veterinarian would be less satisfactory. It's a matter of professional judgement and choice."


Age of Pups & Vaccine Type 

9 weeks MLV Distemper/Parvovirus only   (..or Ultra Duramune DAP - 0.5 ml.)

12 weeks MLV Distemper/Parvovirus only  

16-20 weeks MLV Distemper/Parvovirus only  


(Total of 3 doses ONLY first 3)


24 weeks or older, if allowable by law, Killed Rabies Vaccine 


1 year MLV Distemper/Parvovirus only booster  

1 year give 3-4 weeks apart from Dist/Parvo booster) Killed 3 year rabies vaccine 


MLV=modified-live virus


After 1 year, annually measure serum antibody titers against specific canine infectious agents such as distemper and parvovirus. This is especially recommended for animals previously experiencing adverse vaccine reactions or breeds at higher risk for such reactions (e.g., Weimaraner, Akita, American Eskimo, Great Dane). Another alternative to booster vaccinations is homeopathic nosodes. This option is considered an unconventional treatment that has not been scientifically proven to be efficacious. One controlled parvovirus nosode study did not adequately protect puppies under challenged conditions. However, data from Europe and clinical experience in North America support its use. If veterinarians choose to use homeopathic nosodes, their clients should be provided with an appropriate disclaimer and written informed consent should be obtained.


I use only killed 3 year rabies vaccine for adults and give it separated from other vaccines by 3-4 weeks. In some states, they may be able to give titer test result in lieu of booster.


I do NOT use Bordetella, corona virus, leptospirosis or Lyme vaccines unless these diseases are endemic in the local area or specific kennel. Furthermore, the currently licensed leptospira bacterins do not contain the serovars causing the majority of clinical leptospirosis today.


I do NOT recommend vaccinating bitches during estrus, pregnancy or lactation. Do not vaccinate during times of stress such as: surgery, travel, illness or infection."


7.  What food and/or supplements do you recommend?    Back to top.


We highly recommend NON-GMO foods for your pets and you, too!  We feel this more important for your pets due to their shorter length of years on this planet.  If they eat junk food for a day, that's equivalent to you eating junk food for week!  Always remember that.  There are some high quality kibbles available however, we believe raw food is essential for for your Cavalier KCS to THRIVE, as opposed to survive.  We and you want your Cavalier to to be vibrant, rather than merely absent of illnesses.  Raw feeding helps to achieve this goal.  (Remember EPIGENETICS!)  Raw fruit and veggies are good, however, Cavalier KCS, like all canines, are carnivores, and need raw meat.  You can find freeze-dried or dehydrated raw food for your Cavalier if you don't like tossing them a raw chicken neck or pork neck bone from time to time.  Raw organ meat is fantastic, such as raw hearts.  Check Facebook or Yahoo Groups for for a raw feeding co-op in your area.


8.  At what age do you let your puppies go to their new homes?    Back to top.


We take this on a case-by-case basis.  It is usually around 12 weeks of age.


9.  How much are your puppies?    Back to top.


To view some general puppy pricing, click here.  Please feel free to email or call to inquire on the specific cost of a puppy you may be interested in. 


10.  May I come to your home and view the puppies?    Back to top.


Even though it appears suspicious, we have learned not to let people come to our house to view the pups.  :-(  They can bring in things like Parvo on their shoes, unknowingly.  Parvo can even stick to tires!  A breeder friend of ours had both Parvo and Distemper brought into her home this way, before the puppies were old enough to vaccinate.  She lost a number of puppies. :-(  Another friend of ours used to let people come to her house and view her puppies.  One day she left to run some errands and when she got home, much to her horror, all her puppies were gone!


We have a large family and will do everything we can to protect them in these times, not to mention protecting our Cavaliers and our possessions.  We feel having numerous strangers come to our homes is just too dangerous.  We are always happy to send pictures and answer any questions you may have.  We can also meet you somewhere convenient if you would like to view a puppy that is old enough to be taken out, as well as the pup's parents.  We want to extend our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.


11. How do I reserve a puppy?    Back to top.


Before we can accept a holding deposit on a puppy, we need to ask a favor of you - can you please fill out our questionnaire, by clicking here, and tell us briefly a bit about what kind of living arrangements the pup would have?  ...and a bit about your family?  Kids?  Other pets?  Is someone, either two-legged or four-legged, going to be around the pup most of the time?  Once this is established, you can arrange to send a holding a deposit for the pup of your choosing by sending 1/3 to 1/2 of the total cost of the pup, depending on age.  


12. What forms of payment do you accept?    Back to top.


We can accept a money order or cashier's check.  This needs to be mailed with a delivery confirmation, please.  This way you will have delivery confirmation of your down payment when it arrives and we will have a tracking number.  As soon as we receive the tracking number we will put your chosen pup on hold. 


Another option is to do a bank wire.  This usually goes through on the same day it is sent.  We will send you our account information if this is what you prefer. 


I'm sorry but deposits are non-refundable.

NOTE:  We accept cash only for the balance on delivery.  No checks, please.


13. What do the shipping costs cover?    Back to top.


I'm afraid that, per the NDA, breeders can no longer ship pet puppies to new families.  We recommend that you or your pet nanny meets us at the Denver Airport to pick up your new Cavalier puppy. 


14. What proof will I have that I sent you money toward the purchase of a Cavalier?    Back to top.


If you send a cashier's check or money order, be sure to save your carbon copy/receipt.  You will also get a receipt from USPS for the delivery confirmation fees.


If you send a bank draft, your bank will have a record of how much was sent and which account it was sent to.


15. Do you provide a written contract for the puppy purchaser?    Back to top.


Yes, we sure do.  You can view our contract by clicking here.


16. Are you licensed by the USDA and/or your state?    Back to top.


We are not currently required to be licensed by our state or USDA.  This is because we have our fur family spread out in different homes with other family members rather than having all of our girls in one house.  Some breeders refer to this type of arrangement as fostering.  Additionally, our girls are owned and bred by 3 different family members, rather than one.  Lastly, 100% of our Cavaliers are sold face-to-face at time of delivery or the Cavalier is placed in the hands of a personal representative of the purchaser.  If there is ever a point where we need to be licensed, we will certainly oblige.  UPDATE!  We're working on our license with the NDA.

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