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Forever in Our Hearts

Forever in Our Hearts

Ginger, at home with Candace and Cody.

This is Skippy Mike. He's quite the fisherdog!



Hello There!  Not sure if you remember us..we bought your L litter quite a number of years ago...I am curious to know if Brandy & Rohan will be having another litter sooner or later? I have my eye on another little boy. I have attached a few pictures hope you enjoy them :)  Hope all is well.

Hello There! I wanted to touch base on the little one and let you guys know she is doing great!  She has a couple cousins around and they are all too cute together:) Hope you guys are doing well!!

Hi, I adopted a Ruby Cavalier in

2012, the name you gave her was

Haley. Hopefully you remember 

her, She was a singleton puppy

born on 3/11/12. This is a picture 

from the day we picked her up at

the airport.  Her name is now

Ginger, and she is a spoiled,

rambunctious 2 and a half year old puppy. She loves watching tv and barking at every dog she sees! She loves to be outside, and she is a true lap dog!

Good afternoon -- 


Thought you might like to see a fun picture of Darby and one of her buddies -- this is Max and Darby relaxing at doggy day care.  Because she is so photogenic, whenever she does visit, sometimes they snap a picture of her doing something "cute".  In this picture, someone had just awoken them from a nap.  They have a "leave us alone -- don't wake us up" expression on their faces!


Can you imagine two dogs napping together

who haven't seen each other for a month or

more!  Spending time there occasionally has

given her so much confidence being around

dogs of all sizes and breeds.  We think that is

why she loves going to the dog park or meeting

other dogs when we are out for a walk!  Those

early days with you set the stage for a really

pleasant little dog!



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