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Forever in Our Hearts

Forever in Our Hearts

Hi folks,  Thought you’d like to know that Max (formerly Pierson) is doing great here with us.  I’m enclosing pics for you.  He’s very lovable and a joy to have in our home.  Thanks much!  Kim

My name is Leigh.  We were blessed with Bailey (aka Wednesday) in Oct 2007.  She is an amazing little doggie.  We love her to pieces.  She was the perfect fit for our family.  Her temperment is very laid back, she never meets a stranger... unless someone is getting out of line with her "boy".  I am so glad y'all decided not to

keep her for your own.  Since we adopted Bailey from your family, we had a son.  Quin is now 2 and Bailey and him are great friends.  She is so patient and tolerant of him and his toddler ways.  She has never so much as given a warning growl.  She is very protective of him as well.  She will herd other dogs away from him and she has even given my mother in laws little yorkie a warning snip for getting a little out of line with Quin.  For the first year of Quins life she was always right there by him.  She would give him an occassional lick on the nose, but mostly she just stayed within a foot of him.  Just close enough to him but never touching him. I included a few pictures of our family with the weetest little doggie a family could ever ask for. Thank You, Leigh

Instand cuddles

with Daddy


Applejax is doing AMAZING!  Had one accident the first night and nothing since. You obviously

trained sit, stay, come, and belly (he's all about those rubs).  He is very cuddly.  Can't decide which of us he wants so he bounces back and forth every 30 minutes.

LOVE him!

Hi, we wanted to send you a picture of your little Toby (now our almost 6 month old Henry). He is doing great, happy, healthy and just full of life. His coat is so soft and shiny. He sleeps with us on our pillows. I thought you would like to see how big he has gotten.  I hope all is well!  Mike, Roxanne and Henry

He (Jacoby) has a perfect record on "outside, outside."  No accidents so far!

He had his first private lesson with the trainer today and his attention span was amazing! We got through 3 lessons in one hour today!!

He is adjusting amazingly - eating, drinking, sleeping and "going with the flow!"

He is napping after his lesson

in the picture below :-)

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