Blue Rose Puppy Parents

May they live in infamy! ;-)

Sylvancreek-Blue Rose Princess Ariel

Ariel is from our Blue Rose first generation.  She's from proven lines that have been around

a long time!

Blue Rose Bonny Barbie Belle

Barbie is from Primrose and Stetson.

A very healthy, sweet young lady!

Second generation.


Blackmeno-Hazi Jessie {Brianne}

A sweet little import from the EU, Brianne has not disappoinnted!  First generation.

Blackmeno=Hazi Jaxsen

Jax is a half sibling to Brianne, both from the Eu.  Jax' babies are generally small.

First generation.


Blue Rose Jazzy Jacy

Jaycee is out of Sapphire and Stetson.

She's as sweet as her expression!

Second generation.

Blue Rose Judah

Judah is one of our Suzette and Zoltan pups.

He's a go-getter, even though he's small.

Third generation.

Blue Rose Kaiyah Doin' Us Proud

Kaiyah is a perfect ESA.  Her empathy is amazing!  First generationn.

Blue Rose Courtly Keoni

Out lovely Keo is our of Carol and Jedi.  He has been shown with perfect scores!  Second generation.

Blue Rose Lady Alexis

Angel-faced Lexie, out of Chanel and Marvel.  Her babies are quite popular!  Third generation

Blue Rose Marvel In A Manger

Marvel - a handsome boy is from Carol and Indy.  He's been and incredible Stud Muffin! 

Second generation.

Blue Rose Molly Pitcher

Molly, a sweet-faced home bred from 

Suzette and Zoltan.

Szolohegyi Bitanguzo Pandora

Pandora is a lovely imported ruby girl from one of our favorite studs!  First generation.

Szolohegyi Bitanguzo Avalance

Sterling, gorgeous boy from one of  our favorite studs - who is also Pandora's sire! 

First generation.


Blue Rose Doin' It Stetson Style

We were lucky to get Stetson from Luddington's lines.  Very sweet! 

First generation.

Blue Rose Talented Teddy's Tradition

Our Teddy.  He has a background that is sentimental to us.  His mama is Teshura and his daddy is Marvel.  Third generation.


Sylvancreek-Blue Rose Zendaya's Rave

High quality black & tan girl from some lines that have been proven repeatedly.  First generation.

Szolohegyi Bitanguzo Udon {Zoltan}

Zoltan is another import from a trusted breeder who does health testing! 

First generation.

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