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Blue Rose Puppy Parents

May they live in infamy! ;-)

Ariel 5 10-05-17.jpg

Sylvancreek-Blue Rose Princess Ariel

Ariel is from our Blue Rose first generation.  She's from proven lines that have been around

a long time!

Barbie 7 5-25-20.jpg

Blue Rose Bonny Barbie Belle

Barbie is from Primrose and Stetson.

A very healthy, sweet young lady!

Second generation.

Brianne 2 01-24-19.jpg

Blackmeno-Hazi Jessie {Brianne}

A sweet little import from the EU, Brianne has not disappoinnted!  First generation.

Jaxon 2 10-19.jpg

Blackmeno=Hazi Jaxsen

Jax is a half sibling to Brianne, both from the Eu.  Jax' babies are generally small.

First generation.

Jaycee 7 9-18.jpg

Blue Rose Jazzy Jacy

Jaycee is out of Sapphire and Stetson.

She's as sweet as her expression!

Second generation.

Judah 2 5-21.jpg

Blue Rose Judah

Judah is one of our Suzette and Zoltan pups.

He's a go-getter, even though he's small.

Third generation.

Kaiyah 5 7-16-18.jpg

Blue Rose Kaiyah Doin' Us Proud

Kaiyah is a perfect ESA.  Her empathy is amazing!  First generationn.

Keo 5 IntCH 26m.jpg

Blue Rose Courtly Keoni

Out lovely Keo is our of Carol and Jedi.  He has been shown with perfect scores!  Second generation.

Lexie 7 11-19.jpg

Blue Rose Lady Alexis

Angel-faced Lexie, out of Chanel and Marvel.  Her babies are quite popular!  Third generation

Marvel 8 6-20.jpg

Blue Rose Marvel In A Manger

Marvel - a handsome boy is from Carol and Indy.  He's been and incredible Stud Muffin! 

Second generation.

Molly 1 11-20.jpg

Blue Rose Molly Pitcher

Molly, a sweet-faced home bred from 

Suzette and Zoltan.

Dora dam Polly 2.JPG

Szolohegyi Bitanguzo Pandora

Pandora is a lovely imported ruby girl from one of our favorite studs!  First generation.

Sterling 6 5-24-20.jpg

Szolohegyi Bitanguzo Avalance

Sterling, gorgeous boy from one of  our favorite studs - who is also Pandora's sire! 

First generation.

Stetson5 16m wm.jpg

Blue Rose Doin' It Stetson Style

We were lucky to get Stetson from Luddington's lines.  Very sweet! 

First generation.

Teddy 1 5-20.jpg

Blue Rose Talented Teddy's Tradition

Our Teddy.  He has a background that is sentimental to us.  His mama is Teshura and his daddy is Marvel.  Third generation.

Zendi 6 6-19.jpg

Sylvancreek-Blue Rose Zendaya's Rave

High quality black & tan girl from some lines that have been proven repeatedly.  First generation.

Zoltan 5 7-19.jpg

Szolohegyi Bitanguzo Udon {Zoltan}

Zoltan is another import from a trusted breeder who does health testing! 

First generation.

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Blue Rose Cavaliers
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