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Fostering Program

May need a couple of foster homes in the 69337 or 69301 vicinities, to be close to our vets.


For anyone who is familiar with a fostering program, I can say that ours is pretty much like others you have heard about.


For anyone who is unfamiliar with breeders' fostering programs, I will explain my understanding of it.


A fostering program is where 1 to 3 female Cavaliers remain the property of the breeder, yet she/they live in another "foster" home.  The breeder gets the girl(s) during every heat cycle.  When a particular girl has been bred, the breeder gets her back a couple of weeks before her due date until the puppies are fully weaned.


During the fostering period, the breeder remains responsible for the cost of food and vet services.  We ask that the foster homes provide beds, toys, and lots of TLC.  


The foster home must agree to feed and care for the females in accordance with the breeder's preferences.  For us, this sometimes means going against a vet's recommendation for repeated booster vaccinations.  (Annual booster shots go against the recommendation of the AVMA.) Also, some vets don't approve of feeding raw food, which we insist our Cavaliers get every evening.  Contrary to the advice of some vets, we also switch around on the brand of kibble we free feed, with no ill effects.  This way we stay a step ahead of potential food sensitivities and/or nutritional problems.


If at any time, a foster home feels they can no longer care for the Cavalier(s) in their possession, the breeder will take the Cavalier(s) back at any time.


The female Cavaliers remain the property of the breeder for about 5 years, give or take.  At this time, the breeder signs over pet ownership of the Cavaliers to the foster home.


As you can imagine, finding foster homes that are compatible with our quirks can be a very, very selective process.


If you feel you may be interested in becoming a foster parent for a female Cavalier or two in the future, please feel free to contact us.  



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