Blue Who?

Blue Rose Cavalier King Charles Spaniels came about when the parents of our family needed to reduce their involvment with our Cavaliers for work and health related reasons.  Thus, the infamous torch has been passed on to another, younger family member with the parents still helping out, with their "vast wisdom and experience," (Our parents insisted that qualifier was added.) only to a lesser degree.  The new torch-bearer goes by the handle, "Blue Rose." 


Who are we?  Since you asked, we'll tell you!  We are a family of long-time Cavalier King Charles lovers, having an 14 year history with Cavaliers.  Some of us grew up with Cavaliers in our toddler beds!  We have shown our Cavalier King Charles numerous times and received written critiques from professional, AKC judges. We didn't do too badly at the shows, either. <grin>  Our Cavaliers earned more than 40 titles over the years.


Time marches on, as they say.  Parents age and kids grow up, only to go their own way.  We have lost one family member who chose a different path, and may loose another.  Yet, there are a couple more family members who are "coming of age" who can fill in where the older siblings left off, caring for our beautiful Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.


There's nothing we can do for the parents growing older. I guess it happens to the best of us. 


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The Blue Rose Family~





                    P. S. Time marches on, as they                      say, and Blue Rose is no                           exception. We now have 3 full-                  -    time and 3 part-time family                         members who have been                             smitten by the Cavalier Fever!                       Katrina, AKA Kat, or Miss                         Kitty as the VBS kids call her,

is the latest full-time member.  We do have male family members - our part-time helpers - so our Cavalier King Charles are not geared only to females.


P. P. S. After having a stroke of genius by showing Mom the "skin smoothing" feature on her phone, on a day when she had her hair fixed up (It's normally in a granny bun!), she decided to be brave and allow her picture to be posted.  After all, she started this whole addiction!

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