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Where to begin?  

Grief is something we all go through.  It's unavoidable in life.  Death is certain.  Pain is promised.  Loss is guarantied.  Yet, when it's you who's grieving, the feelings are overwhelming.

I want to point out the sensitivity of this beautiful canine breed, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  It's their sensitivity that makes them so loving and lovable.  Without this sensitivity,

they wouldn't be Cavaliers!

Consider this sensitivity when you bring home a new puppy.  This baby will most certainly be grieving on the inside to varying degrees.  Do not assume that since you've cared for dogs before, you know how to care for every Cavalier.  The extent of grieving one of these loving animals goes through varies to an unpredictable degree.  So, you need to be prepared to make their transition as easy and pleasant as possible.  Don't treat them like a canine.  Treat them like a baby.  This means you won't do anything with your new Cavalier that you would not do when you bring home a newborn child:  

No exposure. 

No lengthy trips. 

No ignoring their cries. 

No leaving them alone. 

No crating.

No local tap water.

No low-quality foods.

No unnecessary stress!

I am sharing some info on the stages of grief.  Please bear in mind that YOUR Cavalier will go through these stages, young or old, in their own personal way.  ...but don't worry.  Your Cavalier will be giving you their love during the entire process!  They will soon accept YOU as their new Alpha.  Just be sure to help them through the short, but crucial process of adjusting, saving Yours Truly some grief in the process!

NOTE:  If your baby gets depressed (Being in crates for long periods of time depresses these babies.) s/he may stop eating and become hypoglycemic! 

See:  Hypoglycemia to know what you need to do!

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