Blue Rose Contract


What our contract means, in laymen's' terms:


PLEASE NOTE:  Your personal vet may not appreciate our vaccination requirements to keep the health warranty in effect.  We require that adults get NO booster shots unless a titer test, performed easily in the vet's office, determines one is needed.

Please see:  Vaccinations - Quitting  and  Vaccine Impurities.

We are selling you a purebred, purely spoiled, purely loved Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy or dog.  We have done everything we can to ensure your Cavalier is healthy, 

including the following:


  • All puppies are bred, born, and raised in our home.


  • All Cavaliers are given highly nutritious, all natural food in ample amounts (We have raw-coated kibble with freeze-dried raw food mixed in available to our Cavaliers 24/7, in addition to feeding a raw dinner every evening.), along with food based, all natural supplements.  We ask that you also provide optimum nutrition for your Cavalier. 


  • We take our Cavaliers to professionals for appropriate health testing.


  • We follow the vaccination protocol recommended by the oldest Cavalier King Charles Spaniel club in existence, the CKCSC.  We ask that you do likewise.


  • We guarantee your puppy will not have a life threatening genetic health problem during it's first year of life.


  • We guarantee your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel will not succumb to MVD or SM during it's first FIVE years of life.


  • Health issues that are not covered are due to the fact that we have no control over the Cavalier once it leaves our care.  Also, we do not cover the highly common problems that can be picked up anywhere, such as parasites, which live in the grass and soil, or a slight cough which puppies can pick up as easily as children.


  • Every Cavalier King Charles that leaves us is first seen by one of our vets.  Our vet checks the temperature, looks in the ears, listens to the heart and lungs, and gives the Cavalier a general health examination.  You need to take your new Cavalier to your vet shortly after bringing him or her home to verify that you have a healthy pet.  If your vet feels your pet has a life threatening, non-treatable condition, and the vet of our choosing agrees, we will give you full credit toward another Cavalier as soon as the original Cavalier is returned to us.  You must contact us as soon as you suspect a problem so we can get the puppy back.  We insist on caring for "our" baby. 


  • In the unlikely event that your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel becomes ill from a life threatening genetic disease or defect in the first year of life, you need to let us know as soon as you can.  You then need to send us all medical records and health testing information.  If our vet agrees with your vet's findings, we will give you full credit toward another Cavalier. 


  • If your Cavalier succumbs to MVD or SM anytime before his or her FIFTH birthday, we will give you full credit toward another Cavalier King Charles dog or puppy.


  • What do we promise you?  A beautiful, loving bundle of fur that will be genetically healthy for years to come!

Contractual Agreement



I, ___________________________________ , breeder/owner of the said puppy (described below), hereafter referred to as "Seller," do enter into an agreement with


____________________________________, hereafter referred to as "Buyer" for the purpose of transferring ownership of said Cavalier.  The said Cavalier is (list color, gender, & call name) ________________________________ purebred Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.


This puppy is  /  is not  being placed on a spay/neuter agreement.  (An additional agreement is required in writing for full registration privileges.)  


The AKC registration number and the registration PIN number are provided for on-line AKC Cavalier registration.  If problems are encountered registering the Cavalier on line, please contact AKC's customer service.



1.  Seller guarantees the said Cavalier is in good health at the time of this agreement as well as at the time the Cavalier leaves Seller's possession, to the best of Seller's knowledge.

2a.  Buyer will have the Cavalier examined by a reputable veterinarian within 72 HOURS from the time of acquisition.  (Please have a veterinary appointment set prior to bringing your new puppy home.)  If this veterinarian establishes a life threatening, non-treatable condition with the Cavalier upon initial examination (hypoglycemia, internal/external parasites and "kennel cough" excluded), Buyer will notify Seller immediate by phone/voice mail of the veterinarian’s determination.  Seller will give Buyer full credit toward another Cavalier as soon as Buyer returns the Cavalier purchased to Seller along with any AKC paperwork/information that may have accompanied the Cavalier and full medical records from Buyer's vet.  (See paragraph #13 for return procedures.) 

2b.  Buyer will return the Cavalier to Seller within 48 hours for a purchase-price-credit voucher. (Note:  If the Cavalier is ill, it's imperative that he/she is returned to us ASAP for proper health care at our expense.)  Buyer agrees Seller will not be responsible for shipping costs, nor for veterinarian fees on a Cavalier that is not in Seller's possession.  Buyer accepts that the credit option is not available if the reason for returning the original Cavalier is due to any kind of accident or trauma, including falls from steps or furniture, or in the event of hypoglycemia, abuse, or neglect in any form, whether it was intentional or not.

2c.  Buyer accepts that Seller reserves the right to require a second opinion from a vet of Seller's choosing before a credit voucher will be provided.


3a.  If within one (1) year from the date of birth, a Cavalier is found and certified by a licensed veterinary specialist to have a life-threatening hereditary disorder, and if Buyer notifies Seller within two (2) business days of the veterinarian's determination, Seller will issue a credit for the full purchase price toward another Cavalier.  (See paragraph #13 for return procedures.)  Buyer will provide all health records, diagnostic tests, and their results to qualify for full credit.  Buyer will not hold Seller responsible for veterinarian fees or shipping costs.  Seller reserves the right to require a second opinion from a vet of Seller's choosing before a credit voucher will be provided.

3b.  Buyer accepts that the credit option is only valid when the disorder is verifiably attributed to only heredity.  Buyer agrees that credit is not an option when parasites, contagious diseases, or other illnesses have had any influence on the puppy's health, nor any kind of accidental trauma, including the puppy injuring his/her knees or legs by jumping off furniture or stairs.  Buyer accepts all responsibility for health problems caused or complicated by diet deficiencies, accidents, medications, vaccinations, chemical heartworm prevention, chemical wormers, and/or any external parasite treatments.  (Ask us about safe alternatives.)


4. In the event of the death of the Cavalier within five (5) years from its birth due to MVD or SM, Seller shall credit Buyer in full toward another Cavalier. (See paragraph #13 for return procedures.)  Buyer will have an autopsy performed by a licensed pathologist within 24 hours of death to determine the exact cause of death.  Buyer will provide a certified copy of the death certificate, as well as all medical records, to Seller.  If an illness, an accident, nutritional deficiencies, over-vaccination, toxicity, trauma, or neglect is found to play a role in the demise of the Cavalier in any manner or fashion, Buyer agrees no exchange will be forthcoming.  Additionally, Buyer agrees to hold Seller harmless for such.


5.  If Buyer lives in an apartment complex, or any other residence that may restrict pets, Buyer is affirming that permission has been received from the proper authority for this Cavalier.

6.  Buyer accepts that no guarantee is made as to disposition or conformation of the Cavalier.  Breeding quality is warranted for 1 year only for Cavaliers placed with full AKC rights.

7.  It is impossible to accurately determine the exact adult size of any young Cavalier sold; therefore, Buyer agrees that Seller cannot give any size guarantee.

8.  Just as in the case of having a human baby, Seller cannot guarantee that any Cavalier purchased will be problem free throughout its lifetime.  Reasonable precautions have been taken to prevent this Cavalier from acquiring hereditary problems.  However, because environmental causes of health problems are possible (Epigenetics), because Seller no longer has control of the Cavalier's care, and because we are dealing with living animals, you, as the Buyer, accept all responsibility for the care of said Cavalier, beginning from the moment the Cavalier is no longer in the possession of Seller, and understand that Seller will not be responsible for conditions other than those listed - life threatening untreatable conditions diagnosed within 72 hours of acquisition of the Cavalier, and life threatening genetic defects up to the first birthday.  Genetic warranty covers up to the 5th birthday for loss due to MVD or SM, as indicated.

9.  For the health warranty to remain in effect, Buyer agrees to provide health records at any time upon request of Seller.  Buyer will not allow any more than the core vaccines (DAP) to be administered during one veterinary visit.  Buyer will not allow any more than the core vaccines (DAP) to be administered at any time without consulting a homeopathic vet to verify the need for additional vaccinations. (Proof of consult required for warranty.) ( Buyer will not allow core booster vaccinations any more than once every 3 years, as determined by the AVMA and the AAHA.  If disease is a concern prior to the expiration of 3 years, Buyer will have a titer test administered.  (Please see: According to the WSAVA, vaccinations are effective for 5 to 7 years, if not longer.  Additionally, Buyer will take the Cavalier to a qualified veterinarian annually for an examination for the health warranty to be effective. 

10.  Buyer certifies by signing this contract that they will abide by the attached “Do’s & Don’ts” list, plus, that the Cavalier will live in the house with the Buyer, be confined by a fenced yard or receive adequate supervision when outside, will have adequate exercise, nutritious food (NO GROCERY STORE BRANDS.), constant access to fresh water, be maintained at a healthy weight, and receive all necessary healthcare.  The Buyer also certifies the Cavalier will not be confined to a crate or cage any longer than 2 hours, unless traveling. (An exercise pen is appropriate confinement.) and will not be left alone for long periods of time on a regular basis. 

11.  Buyer agrees that if it becomes necessary to rehome this Cavalier, ownership shall revert to Seller, including all AKC rights.  At no time may this Cavalier be resold or given to a third party without an expressed written agreement from Seller.

12.  The Buyer certifies, by signing this contract, that he/she is not acting as an agent in this purchase, and that Buyer will not resell this Cavalier/offspring to a pet store or medical research facility.  Buyer further agrees the Cavalier will NEVER be placed in an animal shelter of any kind nor be used in a puppy mill.


13.  Buyer agrees that Seller will not be responsible for transportation costs nor for veterinarian fees on a Cavalier that is no longer in Seller's possession.  Credit toward another Cavalier is the only remedy.  Buyer accepts that Seller reserves the right to require a second opinion from a vet of Seller's choosing.  Seller will consider full credit only if the Cavalier is seen by a DVM in the required time frame. If the Cavalier has not visited the veterinarian, as agreed, within the 72-hour time frame, NO credit amount will be considered.   If an illness, an accident, nutritional deficiencies, hypoglycemia, over-vaccination, toxicity, trauma, or neglect is found to play a role in the condition of the Cavalier in any manner or fashion, Buyer accepts that no credit will be forthcoming.  Additionally, Buyer agrees to hold Seller harmless for such.

     A. To return a Cavalier and/or request credit warranty, notify us by phone prior to return. The original veterinary report and all medical records must be presented, along with the Cavalier, within 48 hours.  If registration papers/information were received at the time of purchase, those must also be returned.

    B. Buyer will be given a full purchase price credit toward another Cavalier once a life-threatening genetic disorder and/or an untreatable health condition has been verified by both Buyer's and Seller's vets.  Buyer will be given a credit voucher for the full purchase price only, which will be redeemable as soon as a satisfactory Cavalier is available.  All credits are strictly limited to the cost of the original Cavalier.

    C.  If the Cavalier dies within any of the 72-hour/1 year/5-year guarantee periods, Buyer will take the deceased Cavalier to non-attending veterinarian for a necropsy at Buyer's expense. Seller will be provided with all previous medical records, a statement from the pathologist regarding the cause of death, and a certified copy of the death certificate by Buyer. If the Cavalier's cause of death falls within the above listed 72-hour/1 year/5-year parameters, full credit toward another Cavalier will be provided to Buyer. (See #13.)  However, if neglect, vaccinations, medications, toxicity, trauma, nutritional deficiencies including hypoglycemia, or accidents are found to play a role in the demise of the Cavalier in any manner or fashion, even if unintentional, Buyer agrees no credit will be forthcoming.  Additionally, Buyer agrees to hold Seller harmless for such.

14.  If Buyer declines the credit toward another Cavalier, Seller shall be under no further obligation and it will be deemed that Buyer has released Seller from all further claims.

15.  No warranty will be provided if the contract has been breached in any way.


16.  This contract is made and signed by both the Seller and the Buyer for the well-being of the Cavalier.  Buyer certifies that, if at any time, this Cavalier's well-being is compromised, Seller may repossess the Cavalier at the expense of the Buyer for any legal proceedings, attorney's fees, travel costs, and/or shipping costs, if necessary, plus a fine of $5000.


17.  Seller acknowledges the receipt of a ______________ non-refundable deposit toward the purchase of the above mentioned Cavalier.  Seller will transfer ownership of the said Cavalier for $______________, less the deposit, to be paid in full, plus shipping fees, if any, before the puppy can be shipped or delivered.  Seller will accept cash, cashier's checks, money orders, or bank drafts only.  No personal checks or credit cards, please.  Final payment must be received at least 7 days prior to scheduled shipping date, or cash only upon personal delivery.  





Dam _______________________________________________________________


Date of Birth____________ Microchip #_____________ DNA#______________


AKC #:  AFTER proof of spay or neuter is received by Breeder.


Seller’s signature & date:





Buyer’s signature & date:




Buyer’s address:




Buyer’s phone & email address:




Additional comments to this agreement/contract:



Blue Rose Cavaliers' full registration addendum to standard contract:

In agreement between ________________________and Blue Rose Cavaliers, re:  _____________________________

1) This puppy is being placed with full registration privileges.  Open AKC papers will be issued upon Blue Rose's receipt of proof the Cavalier has acquired the 1-year health clearances on patealla, heart (via a cardiologist), eyes, and prelim hips.  This is for the protection of Buyer, Seller, and the breed as a whole.

2) It is agreed the puppy will retain the name, "Blue Rose," as the prefix for his/her registered name.

3) If the puppy is eventually used for breeding:

  • a. Buyer agrees not to breed to any female that is in her first heat because a pregnancy may be hard on her health due to her young age.

  • b. Buyer will assure both the male and the female have OFA heart (via cardiologist), eye, patellar, and (prelim if needed) hips clearances before breeding. 

  • c. Buyer will not require any more than a maximum of 6 litters from any bitch. 

  • d. Buyer will place any puppies produced with limited registration only, unless thorough screening of the puppy purchaser has been accomplished, and such screening plans are shared with Seller.  Furthermore,

  • e. Buyer agrees to be responsible for any/all puppies that are produced, as needed, for the lifetime of the puppies.


4) Buyer agrees to provide Seller with photographs suitable for advertising and photocopies of all awards and critiques along with the judge(s) name(s) and the club sponsoring the show. Buyer also agrees that Seller may use the photographs and any particulars of qualifying awards in any future advertising.

5) Once the puppy reaches thirteen (13) months of age, if there is a verifiable reason, that can be attributed to genetics only, to downgrade the puppy from "show prospect and/or breeder" status to "pet only," Buyer has the option to adopt another show and/or breeding prospect at a pet price, or receive a refund of the price difference between a pet puppy and a full-rights puppy.  (Be certain to get all health testing done right at 12 months of age.  We give you 1 full month to complete your health testing.)  Buyer must provide proof to justify downgrading puppy from show/breeder status to "pet only," as well as proof this downgrade is due to genetics, only.  Seller's vet must concur that said puppy should be downgraded to "pet only" due to a genetic flaw.
6) MAINTENANCE:  Buyer agrees to maintain this dog in top health, provide routine preventative health care including, but not limited to:  Taking care not to over-vaccinate; internal and external parasite control through natural means whenever possible; feeding a natural, holistic diet.

7) Buyer further agrees to provide proper exercise, as indicated, in order to maintain this dog or bitch in proper weight and physical condition.  A proper diet consists of top-quality, all natural dog food and supplements.   (Kibble alone is not considered adequate.)  Vitamin E is an acceptable preservative.

8) Buyer agrees that this dog or bitch is NOT to be LEFT IN A BACKYARD OR KENNEL/CRATE/CAGE ONLY.  This dog or bitch is sold with the understanding that it was "adopted" by carefully selected parties and that Buyer AVOWED the dog or bitch would become a member of the family. (This is to assure proper development and maintenance of the temperament for which the animal was bred.)

9) Buyer agrees Seller will REPOSSESS DOG OR BITCH UPON EVIDENCE OF NEGLECT AND/OR ABUSE, WHICH INCLUDES THE EMOTIONAL HEALTH OF SAID DOG OR BITCH, at no expense to the seller.  Additionally, Buyer agrees there will be a $5000 fine if the Cavalier King Charles dog or bitch is neglected or abused in any way, which includes refusing to have the aforementioned health screenings performed.  If litigation is required, Buyer will reimburse seller for all legal expenses in addition to the fine.

10) Buyer agrees that he/she understands this contract fully and agrees to abide by the standards set forth therein.


Breeder                                                                        Date

______________________________________________________                                              Buyer                                                                                 Date

Please sign and return one copy of the signature page.  Thanks!

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