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Our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppies

We have learned that people have been stealing our puppies' pictures to sell their own puppies or even non-existent puppies.  :~(  PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!!

Please bear in mind, when checking for a great breeder, they can be "Bred With Heart" and/or a "Breeder of Merit" without doing the proper health testing.  AKC does not ask the breeders to verify the completion of health certs!

(Sadly, I may have regrettably made some enemies by sharing this.) 

NOTE:  We have a dwarf gene in our lines that is showing up occasionally,

resulting in 10-pound Cavalier adults, give or take.  Any puppies that are small for their age, we are keeping until 12 weeks. (See: Hypoglycemia)

We have never, ever had any liver shunts in our lines to date!


IMPORTANT!!!  Click your "Refresh" button to be sure you're viewing the most recent page.  THANKS!

                                     We recommend Revival for pet education videos, and         supplies.                                        



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Care package - blanket, doggie bubbles, natural flea & tick spray or grooming spray, dental spray, good probiotics, vaccine detox, bag of natural treats, small bag of good food,

and a baggie of our special food mix.  $80 - $85 value.

The mama is Zendi.

Zendi 1 6-19.jpg

Teddy is the Daddy. 

Teddy 3 5-20.jpg

Do not risk a broken heart from losing your baby early!

Do not risk the expense of ongoing genetic health problems which reduces the quality of life for your BEST friend.  Support responsible

Cavalier KCS breeding.  Spare your heart and theirs.  :)  mjk

READ:  10 Questions

Please read:  Male VS. Female?  A professional prospective! 

Grant, a boy @ 5.5 weeks. 

DOB:  2/05/22

Graham, a boy @ 5.5 weeks. DOB:  2/05/22


1.We cannot allow a stressed puppy to make a long road trip. 

2. The NDA will no longer allow pets to be shipped by anyone except the owner.  Thus, we can no longer ship on behalf of the new owner.  

3. No "representatives!!!" We need you or a household member

to contact us, please!

 4. We never allow our babies to be home alone for 40+ hours weekly.

5. New inquiries, please read our FAQ page and Promises.

6.  Puppies will be staying here for 10 weeks, give or take.  Sales tax:  7%. :0{

NO BROKERS!!!  We will NEVER sell to brokers!

Heard any juicy gossip about us?  Feel free to contact us!

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