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Note:  If you disagree with our pricing, kindly read our "Educate Thyself" page to see the extra steps we take to ensure the health, happiness, and longevity of our Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.  

The price for Limited AKC Registration:  PLEASE CALL.  I apologize, but there can be so many variables to the price of a puppy that they're too numerous to count.  The pricing is affected by coloring, over-all quality, and sometimes age.  Little boys are sometimes less costly than girls since girls are in high demand.  (Please see:  Male vs. Female?) The pricing includes a microchip, DNA profile, and DNA proof of parentage for puppies with full AKC rights at no additional cost.  Also, puppies have a 5-year warranty on MVD and SM.  Prices are subject to change since not everyone has access to the most recent version of the website.  (The fact that medical care in our state is 132.3% of the national average - nearly a third more costly than average - doesn't help the pricing, nor does our state's insistence on sales tax.)

On available adults, we take off 1% per age in months for a healthy Cavalier Spaniel.  So, a two-year-old would have their puppy price reduced by 24%. 

For puppies that are available with Full AKC Registration, for breeding and/or showing:  PLEASE CALL.  We are cautious regarding the reproduction of our lines.  Thus, we do ask for a significant amount for breeding/show privileges.  You also must agree, in writing, to OFA heart and eye testing annually, plus hips and patellar clearances for BOTH prospective parents before you breed any of our babies.  We will hold the AKC papers until we have proof this testing (heart, eyes, knees, and prelim hips) has been accomplished at around 1 year of age.  If you have adult Cavaliers, you must provide proof that you have tested your currently owned Cavaliers.  I cannot stress this enough.  This is not only for the protection of our own lines but also for the protection of the entire breed.  We have spoken with our attorney on this requirement and have been assured we can hold anyone responsible if they default on the contracts.  If you are a breeder who does testing properly, you will have no problem with us.  Prices are subject to change since not everyone has access to the most recent version of the website.


With full rights, compensation is offered if a puppy develops a verifiable genetic flaw by 15 months of age that prevents the dog/bitch from showing or breeding, making the Cavalier pet quality only. No other breeders I've found offer this.  Nor do any other breeders I've found offer DNA proof of parentage on the puppies they place with full AKC privileges.  Accidents do sometimes happen to the best of breeders.  IF we have a breeding accident, it is never, ever passed on as a faulty pedigree, which causes AKC registration problems years later.


ALL puppies and adults come with a warranty that they won't succumb to MVD or SM by their 5th birthday or you will get full credit of the purchase price toward another puppy of your choosing.


A microchip is provided at no additional charge.  We also provide a generous "care package.".


We will keep one-fourth of your deposit, per day, if you back out on your commitment.  If we hold a puppy longer than 4 days, then the full deposit is non-refundable.  We have to be firm on this policy.  I'm sorry, but our finances are tight, too.  We still have a family to support.


Additionally, absolutely no personal checks, after recently being scammed, once again, when trying to be "understanding."


****I'm afraid we simply can't hold any puppies for anyone anymore, no matter how much we'd like to, unless we have a deposit or tracking number within 24 hours unless other arrangements have been agreed upon.  This does not mean we're scammers.  :(   ****


If you want to switch your deposit to a different puppy, we will allow you to do so only once, and it must be switched to a puppy that's approximately the same age or older.  You may not switch your deposit to a younger puppy.


Well-bred Cavaliers tend to be expensive.  There is no doubt about that.  If you're looking for a "bargain,"  you may not feel that's what we're offering.  Nothing we do for our Cavaliers involves bargain pricing.  It is our desire to explain why our Cavaliers are a good value for your money.  


We feel our prices are very competitive, based on what most comparable breeders are charging.  We also offer a competitive health guarantee - 5 years for MVD and SM. Of course, if we had problems with MVD and SM, we wouldn't be able to offer a warranty for 5 years. It's because we don't have problems that we readily give this warranty. 


We go to the added expense of feeding only the BEST, fresh, species-appropriate food to our Cavaliers.  This is a major, huge expense, but our Cavaliers are well worth it.  Their potential new families deserve a new family member that will be free of genetic problems throughout most of its life.  This is what we are able to offer, and a great deal of this credit goes to a supreme diet.  (Not good, not great, but supreme!)


We give top quality, FOOD BASED supplements to our fur kids.  (There is NO chance for toxicity with food-based supplements.  If an animal doesn't need a particular supplement on any given day, this nutrient is excreted naturally.)  Also, we support the immune systems of our Cavaliers and their puppies with homeopathic remedies.


We utilize herbs to detoxify our Cavaliers four times a year which rids their bodies of toxic substances that are in the environment. 


We use the new, Ultra Duramune vaccines, even though they cost up to twice as much as other vaccines, which results in less cellular debris being injected into our Cavaliers. 


Of course, there is annual health screening which should be provided by all Cavalier King Charles Spaniels breeders, and we do provide it.  This accounts for the heart and eyes.  We also add patellar, hips, DECC and EFS testing for all of our fur kids.


All of the added measures we use to protect our Cavaliers' health are very, very costly, yet we keep our prices competitive with those breeders who do not take these added measures.


Our adult Cavaliers are all AKC eligible, health tested, and come from proven, healthy lines.  Cavalier puppies from trusted AKC bloodlines tend to cost more than pups from other registries.  This is because the AKC, which is the oldest, most respected registry around, adheres to rigid standards.  The purity of your chosen breed tends to be better protected with AKC compared to many of the other registries.  (Honorable mention goes to CKCSC, USA, who are just as good as AKC.  We just don't have time to do the paperwork for both registries!)


We hope this information has helped you understand why we believe our Cavaliers are well worth what we ask for them.  :o) 


A word about our sales policies:


Please try to understand that we cannot alter our pricing or our sales policies.  We have our policies to prevent being scammed ourselves and for the welfare of our precious Cavalier KC Spaniels. 


As far as pricing is concerned, we are not profiting from the sales of our puppies.  Sooner or later, all of our proceeds end up being put right back into our breeding/rescue program.  Money is continually spent on all-natural food (including a monthly 7-8 hour drive for our raw feeding supplies), all-natural supplements, C-section expenses, emergencies which pop up from time to time, vaccinations, health screening, grooming supplies, show registries, handler's fees, and traveling expenses for a number of needs, all of which are recurring, ongoing expenses, whether or not we have puppies available. There are many unseen expenses that deplete any and all money we acquire.  This is to say nothing of the time, work, and sometimes even heartache that goes into the care and raising of our Cavaliers.  If we were paid an hourly, minimum wage, our pricing, just to break even, would be out of reach.  :-P  If you don't love the Cavaliers you can't breed them responsibly.


Our sales policies are there primarily for our protection.  They are based on simple, good business practices.  We would love to be on 100% friendly terms, 100% of the time.  However, I'm sure you realize that not all people can be trusted, no matter how many times conversation has been exchanged.  We've learned that some people can be quite surprising in their actions when you least expect it.  This is why we adhere strictly to our sales policies, even though it makes us appear cold and impersonal at times.


Again, we ask sincerely for your understanding regarding these matters.


May the Lord richly bless you!

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