Complaints Against Blue Rose (Real & Imagined)

Knowing we have, most likely, ruffled some feathers...


“You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can't please all the people all of the time”

(Poet John Lydgate as made famous by Abraham Lincoln).

...we would like to put ourselves in the position of the "other side" and image what complaints people may have about us.

1.  Sometimes they are slow to respond, or they don't respond at all!

Yes, this true.  Between work schedules, Cavalier Spaniel care, and various family appointments for a large family, we are sometimes slow to respond.  Thus, we try to give a "heads up" by encouraging persistence.  If we don't respond at all, we're very sorry.  That is a big mistake on our part.  :(  We apologize sincerely if this has happened to you.

2.  They won't provide AKC paperwork until the Cavalier Spaniel we get has been altered.

This is due to the fraud we've been faced with.  We have nothing against hybrids, per se.  (They are not "mutts" if they have a pedigree.  ...and we have nothing against a lovable mutt, either!)  Our issue is that people breed registered dogs for hybrid puppies using our thoroughly health tested Cavalier Spaniels without permission.  Then they register the puppies with an other-than-AKC-club using the AKC registration numbers from the Cavalier they obtained from us.  This is taboo.

3.  They breed dogs that are not AKC registered.

Every single one of our Cavalier Spaniels is AKC registered or are eligible to be AND will be AKC registered by the time you get your Cavalier Spaniel altered.  Also, see answer #1.  :-P  Thus, if you get a puppy who has a parent that is registered with FCI and not with AKC yet, please rest assured that this parent can and will be AKC registered by the time your baby is 6 months old.  

For example, our foreign-born dogs that are AKC registered, so far:






You can check the OFA webpages of these Cavalier Spaniels and see that they have both an AKC number and a foreign number.  Of course, we have zero control over what's on the OFA website so this is legitimate proof.

4.  They are sometimes slow with the paperwork


Yes, we are, unhappily, slow with paperwork at times.  :(  We're not slow to torture you, honest!  Please see answer #1.  :-P  However, please remember that being occasionally slow is different that not getting the job done!

5.  They act like airheads!

That's another yes, sometimes we feel like airheads!  Working with your family has it's advantages.  ...AND it's disadvantages, like assuming that, since we're family, we're always on the same page.  Sadly, this is not always the case.  Also, the more inquiries we have at one time the more we seem scatter-brained!  Please accept my biggest, heartfelt apologies.

On second thought, I would like to elaborate:  


My health could be better.  I have a condition that causes "flares" of worse-than-usual pain.  When I do try to communicate during these times I end up regretting it.  I get names mixed up - Dora instead of Darla, Charity instead of Cherish.  I don't remember everything during these times, either.  I am blessed, though, since these flares do let up within a few days.

John works full time.  His focus is divided, unavoidably.  Just wait until he retires in '21!

Our default - something we do without even thinking much about it - is to do the right thing to best of our human ability.  We know we have Someone to answer to!

6.  Our latest complaint:  They don't follow the CKCSC Club's breeding guidelines.

This is a highly deceptive statement.  There is a huge difference between "guidelines" and rules!  The truth is, if we were members of the respected CKCSC-USA, we would have broken or violated ZERO ethics/rules.  Period!  Besides, guidelines are not etched in stone for a good reason which every breeder is aware of:  Varying circumstances.


The recent, rude exchange was an attack, made by a pet owner who called herself an advocate for CKCSC, over breeding a girl who was 18 months old rather than waiting until she turned 2 per CKCSC's "guidelines."  This girl I bred has health-cleared parents and grandparents!  I had no hesitation when breeding her after she had her own health clearances plus exhibited proper soundness and maturity.

Additionally, this lady would automatically fill in the blanks on details that I may have not explained thoroughly.  Rather than asking for clarification, which is the best way to communicate, she automatically assumed and inserted the worst-case scenario so she could tell me how absurd I was!  This makes evident her goal was to find fault, not communicate.

Also, on occasion, we take a female to a GP rather than a certified cardiologist.  My response to her claims of our health clearances being inadequate


"We always take our Cavaliers to certified cardiologists.  Once in a blue moon, due to the girls' cycles, we take them to a GP for the time being, but not very often.  We do not breed them before they have been checked by a cardiologist.  Were you even aware that you're not supposed to get heart clearances when a girl is in heat, pregnant, or nursing?  For a check-up that needs to be done every single year, this can limit the time when a dam is clear to have her heart listened to.  When we have girls who miss their clinic due to these issues, we take them to a GP as soon as they wean their puppies then pick back up with a cardiologist at the next clinic.  That makes us irresponsible?"

Personally, I believe this lady simply wants everyone to purchase a puppy from a CKCSC breeder so she puts a deceptive spin on details using half-truths.  I repeat that she is not a breeder herself but still considers herself an authority.  I do not, in any way, shape, or form, hold the CKCSC breeders responsible.  I'll be the first to proclaim they are respected and, in general, they have earned that respect. 



Here is a quote:  Our puppy is extremely small and due to his size it could pose future health problems, per our vet.  

Us:  We would like your vet to fax the puppy's records to our vet.  (We're concerned that the puppy may be stressed and not eating properly.)

Them:  What do you need those for?!

If you feel you have a health problem with your Cavalier, our hands are tied without full medical records.  If you breach the contract, again, our hands are tied.  Either of these situations could easily cause complaints to fly - all based on partial truths, which are partial lies.  If you slander us, our hands are not tied.  




Final thoughts:  So, what you can gather from this is that we feel very badly about sometimes being slower to get things done (paperwork) than we would like to be. 

My apologies!

From another breeder's viewpoint - AND THEIR ASSOCIATES - I would guess they might want to find something about us to cast doubt on our legitimacy and commitment, not to mention our love for our fur family.  Sadly, this 2% of unscrupulous breeders and their associates can wreak far too much havoc for the rest of the breeders who are being as ethical as possible.  Why would a small percentage of breeders want to cause problems for us?  We can only guess.  Jealousy?  Money?  Perhaps they're upset because we point out the need for hip clearances in order to be honestly involved in AKC's Bred With Heart and Breeder Of Merit programs.  Thankfully, most breeders are honest, but there are unsavory people in every group you can imagine.

We sincerely ask that if you hear something negative, kindly check with us and hear the story straight from the proverbial horse's mouth - the whole story - please and thank you!

So, that's all we have for now.  We're praying it gets better!  :-)


Start by viewing our "Kennel Cough" page to see how quickly Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease Complex can incubate.

NOTE:  Even though the Canine Flu vaccine is not recommended by the AVMA nor do very many vets recommend it's use, plus, no Canine Flu has been found in our state, we have begun using the bivalent Canine Flu vaccine.  This is the most costly vaccine you can buy for puppies.  (Depending on when you pick up your puppy, you might have to pay for the second CF shot.)  While most breeders/vets do not utilize this vaccine, because CF is so widespread in the USA, and getting worse, we want our babies protected in their new homes. Two shots is all it takes.  We do NOT feel adults need this vaccination, just traveling young ones.  Please don't believe the kak regarding annual vaccinations!

1 puppy was lost to anesthesia for a completely unnecessary procedure which the owners knew we adamantly opposed.  Rather than being satisfied with continued support for this puppy, the owners insisted on knowing what was making her cough.  They went to their vet very anxiously requesting results, per the vet records.  Two associated vet$ assured them this procedure was "the next $tep." It was completely their decision to put the baby under anesthesia, without our advanced knowledge or consent, never mind we were being held responsible.  We feel there were other, less invasive ways to test.  (  All they learned is that this baby had a virus, after we had already told them it was probably a virus.  This puppy paid with her life because these unfortunate owners were curious plus their vet$ advised a very expensive procedure for experimentation.  (Veterinarians have businesse$ for profit!)


This puppy was pronounced healthy by the new family's vet at the 72-hour vet visit.  The baby started coughing on the evening of the 4th day.  It seems to me that this puppy, with a persistent cough, picked up Canine Flu.  (Incubation is 2 to 4 days.  The autopsy proves the baby had a virus.  It's a guess, but it makes sense.)  Both H3N2 & H3N8 strains are noted in New York.  There is no Canine Flu noted in our state. 


Brand new puppies are always vulnerable when they change homes.  This goes for any puppy.  This does not mean the puppy was delivered in an unhealthy condition.

Overall, this has been resolved.

1 party waited 21 weeks after receiving the puppy to say anything at all to us.  We were not afforded so much as 1 week to reply to her before she publicly complained, after we were kept in the dark for around 5 months.

We have veterinary proof this baby was healthy at the time of delivery to the

best of anyone's knowledge. 

It seems to me that this puppy, with a persistent cough which we had no idea about until five days ago, picked up Canine Flu.  The H3N8 strain is noted in Minnesota.  There is no Canine Flu noted in our state.  See

Brand new puppies are always vulnerable when they change homes.  This goes for any puppy.  This does not mean the puppy was delivered in an unhealthy condition.

Letting us care for a puppy that is stated to be ill shortly after arriving at their new home is written into the contract.  It's a requirement.   Still, even though this person breached the contract, we have extended the offer and expressed our desire, in writing via certified mail, to take the puppy back and get him completely well at our own expense.  All we want is to know that baby is well and we will do everything we can to assure that he is.  We would have done so from the beginning, before she acquired vet bills, if she had contacted us,

but she made the choice not to contact us. 


This owner demonstrated her refusal to follow instructions by not so much as contacting us for five-ish months.  How can we know she followed veterinary instructions?  We can't.

This owner demonstrated she is unreasonable by publicly complaining about us, as though we did something wrong, when we were totally uninformed. 


There is so very much that can happen in 21 weeks.  There is no excuse for her to have waited so excessively long before telling us what was going on.

Nevertheless, we want the puppy back so we can get him well.  Then he can go back to this family.  If the complainer had followed instructions, this would

have been accomplished months ago.

We do have this baby's litter mate (Nanette) and she is glowingly healthy.  No complaints from the families of other siblings.

Choosing a vet is like choosing a church.  There are thousands of interpretations of the Bible.

Likewise, medicine has many, many different interpretations.  Part of what this owner failed to understand is that, since we are being held responsible, it needs to be our decisions and our choices that we are responsible for.  This puts all of the responsibility and expense on us.   

This is fair and just.  Our vet knows our dogs.  We love our babies more than any vet could.  The best thing for our babies is to come back home if they're ill.

We are puzzled and grieved as to why a few people feel they can take advantage of us.  Genetically sound babies still get the routine illnesses that are common among the youngsters.  Do they expect perfection?  The only perfect human

is Jesus Christ and he was crucified!

Is your puppy susceptible to CF?


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